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Adam & Abby and the Candy Castle

March 19, AD 2014 4 Comments

Once upon a time there were two mommies who took their three-year-old children to a playgroup once a week. Adam’s mommy and Abby’s mommy soon became besties. They had so much in common that they decided to meet outside of play group too. Then their families became friends.

Birthday Party

She was impressed! (2006)

One day when Adam came over to visit, he told Abby that she was his “life,” by which he meant “wife.” Abby liked that, and so the kids considered it settled. The mommies and daddies laughed. Adam’s mommy said, “He is serious. He talks about her all the time and calls her his life.” Abby’s mommy said, “Life? Wife? What’s the difference.” And everyone laughed some more. Time passed and they grew.


Adam’s birthday party. Candy was always part of their life. (2007)

Then Abby’s family moved to another state, but it was okay because Adam’s mommy brought him and his brother Mark to see Abby and her siblings.

Adam 2

Visiting Abby (2012)

They acted goofy and were inseparable. They could even be found taking walks together. They went kayaking at Abby’s house and helped their younger siblings.


Kayaking (2013)

On one visit, the two mommies took all the kids to the Sweet Basil Diner, and Adam and Abby talked about their honeymoon, their future children, and their business. They decided to go to Disney World because Adam’s mommy and daddy have a condo down there and Abby has never been. Adam told Abby about his business idea to start a candy shop, Adam’s Candy Castle. He said he could buy Abby horses someday because horses are Abby’s favorite animal in the whole world. They decided to have a million children because Abby loves babies, and also to name their firstborn “Bacon” since they both love bacon with their chocolate chip pancakes.

Sweet Basil Diner

Bacon! Sweet Basil Diner (2013)

Abby learned to make chocolate chip pancakes since they are Adam’s favorite. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world. After all, how many girls can say they want to marry the boy who has called her his life since she was three? On Valentine’s Day this year, seven years after meeting, Abby got her first Valentine’s present from Adam in the mail. It was a red package with a note.


“For Abby: P.S. We will get married.” (2014)


Abby opened it with her sister Grace. And inside was candy from…

Adam's Candy Castle 1

Adam had gone and done it! He started their business because he told his parents that he needed to start earning money to provide for his family. He has a bank account and even a website.

Adam 5

The mommies and daddies thought to be concerned, but Adam’s mommy wisely summed it up. “I see those two and think that’s how it should be, before cynicism ruins the beauty of truth. They give so freely instead of thinking what’s in it for me!” Indeed Adam’s mom, indeed.


Abby sent him this song to describe how she felt.

Please go support Mr. Adam’s nest egg for his beloved, for his life. He’s taking orders for Easter.

March 2014 010

Last weekend


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  • VelikaBuna

    Looks like a blast.
    How about this for a blast?

  • VelikaBuna

    Its not only Italian nuns who are having fun. They are having good time in the USA too.

  • David Peters

    Amazing! Incredible! I’ve never seen anything like it. God bless them and the candy business. I’m running right now to go get my credit card!

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