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March 4, AD 2016 12 Comments


Hi, I think I am going to start blogging again, a little.

Here are the reasons:

  1. I miss the freewheeling (as in riding your bike like you did when you were young) platform to test out ideas and interact with readers.
  2. The entrance back into writing, teaching, and researching all started with blogging. I was home with lots of small children. I was taking theology courses. I needed a way to process my thoughts, so I started writing. One thing led to another, and now as my children are getting older and more independent, I am filling my time at home with work (teaching and writing) I love doing.
  3. Still I miss the old blog platform.
  4. At first I thought I had to blog daily, so the blog was a bit of a burden. I no longer feel that way. I will write when I have something to say.
  5. At first I thought I had to write sensationally for attention, which was stupid. I no longer feel that way either. If I am not sure that what I have to say is helpful, concise, and clear, then I will keep thinking about it.
  6. It occurs to me that I have a message about faith and science that I need to develop. The “Science in the Light of Faith” approach is elegant, simple, and useful, but it needs to be explained.
  7. It occurs to me that I might inspire other parents caring for small children who need some kind of intellectual edification. You can give all of yourself to those little people you love without losing yourself, a very Trinitarian notion.
  8. THIS, I need to keep saying this from my forthcoming book: “I may have walked away from a career, but I found a vocation. Your choices are what you make of them. If you commit to excellence and to adding value—for the greater glory of God—you will always make contributions.”
  9. There are a lot of other ideas in my book that I want to elaborate on.
  10. There are a number of projects I want to tell you about as they develop. Next Fall is going to be fun! I am teaching at Kolbe Academy, Holy Apostles, and possibly Seton Hall. My book is coming out. I am working with ITEST (will explain later) to bring the institute to cyberspace. It looks like I will be involved in a Catholic faith and science education Templeton grant with some people I consider intellectual giants. It thrills me that I am doing all of this from home.

So, let’s see how it goes.

Some blogging logistics stuff:

  • See the contact page to email me. I welcome and appreciate insights about the faith and science discussion, and sometimes people prefer to explore them privately rather than in public. My address is
  • Leave a comment if you want to do that so other people can respond to your thoughts.
  • I am happy to hear from anyone who disagrees with me as long as it is cordial. Rude people begone!
  • Use the little form below to subscribe by email. I promise not to flood your inbox (although there may be some extraneous items at first as I start the engine back up).

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  • WHB

    I am subscribed, of course!

    • Hey I know you!

      • WHB

        I am so happy you are back to blogging! What a wonderful way to ‘think out loud’ and organize your thoughts. Another example of Fiat voluntas Dei! His Will is all we need as we exercise our own free will.

  • This is good news! You were already on my blog-roll.

  • N. Ireland

    Hi. I was disappointed when you decided awhile back that you weren’t going blog anymore. It’s could to have you back.

    • That was the saddest part, not getting to interact with friends. Good to see you again Mr. Ireland!

  • It was exciting, wasn’t it?

    • You were there since Accepting Abundance. Yes, it was exciting. Wonder what it will be like now?

      • Rick DeLano


        • Rick, I have missed your vociferous voice.

  • John Darrouzet

    Stacy, I am glad to see you return to this form of writing. You do it well. I look forward to reading more.