Stacy Trasancos smallWhen I left my career as a research chemist at DuPont to raise children, I did not know if I would ever work professionally again. Then I became Catholic and entered the distance learning program at Holy Apostles College & Seminary because 1) I wanted to know more about the Catholic faith, 2) I needed to be home with babies and toddlers and teens, and 3) I desired something to save me from mental mushiness. In hindsight, the decision to pursue an online MA in Dogmatic Theology turned my years as a homemaker into a time of preparation for the future as well.

I completed that degree in 2014 and, naturally, started teaching online. I work full-time now, but completely from home. My children are getting older and do not need me in the same ways, but they still need me here with them. Now I find myself weaving through days where I literally wash dishes and do laundry one minute, log into a course the next to estimate enthalpy changes in reactions, solve conservation of angular momentum problems, or help seminarians read scientific literature, and spend all day in a large school room surrounded by my kids.

My youngest ones are homeschooled. My middle-sized ones do online junior high classes (at Kolbe Academy), so they have desks, laptops, and full-time “jobs” as well. My oldest two are grown. My Kindergartener? He frequently requires the use of the mute-button during live classes (and once he demonstrated uniform circular motion), but hey, that’s life. I am not sure where all of this is going, but I love teaching and am thankful to Catholic institutions for allowing me to do it all from home. Here is a list of courses I teach. Click on the links for more information.

Holy Apostles College & Seminary

Faculty Page

SCM220: Chemistry

SCM221: Chemistry Lab

APO565: Reading Science in the Light of Faith

Seton Hall University

CAST 3005: Catholic Theology of Science – NEW

CORE 3474: Catholic Theology of Science – NEW

Kolbe Academy Online



AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

Introduction to Physics and Chemistry

Theology 10 – Mass, Sacraments, Prayer, Church History I