The Universe is Designed: Faith and Science Female Nerd Talk

July 19, AD 2016

Recently I posted an essay at National Catholic Register titled, Here’s How You Can Tell the Universe is Designed. I wrote it sitting by our lake while watching the kids. For some reason, I keep picturing myself writing to them as if it were ten years from now, and I realize that is exactly how I wrote the book Particles of Faith. Faith, science, and motherhood all kind of mesh for me. I like it that way. Hey! Bleach is a chemical.

Jennifer Fulwiler invited me to talk with her on her radio show about the essay, and it was a hoot, as always. She makes it seem like we are just talking on the phone, two gals, and I stop thinking there are actually people out there listening. (A lot of people!) While we were chatting like a couple of proper mommy-nerds about faith, science, education, and conversion, another image kept popping in my head. What if Jen and I were around a table with, like, Bill Nye the Science Guy or Richard Dawkins? I can just imagine the debate…chat is more like it. We’d have wine, just a little, and cookies of course, and good shoes.

Here’s the interview.

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