Jen Fulwiler’s Our Father, Word by Word Ebook

June 30, AD 2016 0 Comments

Jen Fulwiler, author of Something Other than God, mother of six, and radio host on SiriusXM, has compiled an ebook of her The Our Father, Word by Word series from 2011, if you were surfing Catholic blogs back then.

The Our Father, Word by Word is a 120-page book that offers fascinating reflections on each word of the Our Father. With contributions from popular authors like Heather King, Brandon Vogt, and Elizabeth Scalia, it is sure to change the way you see this timeless prayer.

And it’s available for FREE to subscribers to Jen’s email list!

There is one more person in the book – me! Here is how it happened:

It was an end-of-summer evening five years ago, and Mr. T had taken me to our parish gala. We did not get out much because we had five small kids and a teenager at home, and our youngest boy, JJ, had just been born. But we got dressed up and went to the festivities with JJ in tow. Right in the middle of dinner, of course, JJ needed to nurse because that is what babies do when moms try to eat. I usually nursed babies discretely in public, but he was not having it, too much noise.

So I went to the bathroom. It was a lovely bathroom, and just as I was recalling all those moms who titter (yes, it is a word) at other moms who feed babies in bathrooms because it is beneath our dignity, I was prancing around in front of the mirrors with a glass of Chardonnay thinking how sharp I looked in my cocktail dress with my cute little baby. Then I started feeling guilty about drinking the wine, and then I got mad at myself for feeling guilty when I was supposed to be having a good time—and I was having a good time right there in the bathroom because, frankly, crowds make me nervous. But then I chided myself for being prideful in the mirror, or whatever. (Moms with newborns continuously have stuff swirling around in their heads because they never sleep.)

Then my phone buzzed. It was an email from Jen. She wanted to know if I was interested in picking a word.

After doing a happy dance that Jen even thought to email me, I picked the word “Temptation” because I had been reading St. Thomas’ teaching on that subject, and I pledged to get my head around it.

(Also, if you remember my early days of blogging, I was not writing much about faith and science then, because … babies.)

Leave it to Jen Fulwiler to make a mom feel like a million bucks.

Click on the image to get the free ebook! It is really cool to browse the words and see how the different writers explain them.

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