Katie Couric and the Progressive Science-Loving Church

May 15, AD 2016 3 Comments

Katie Couric was on the “Late Show” with Stephen Colbert talking about her recent visit to a scientific conference at the Vatican, and she said:

“I was at a scientific conference at the Vatican a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was actually very progressive of the Catholic Church to want to understand science…” (Deacon Greg Kandra, Aleteia)

Deacon Greg Kandra, among others, brought this to our attention, and his response was to offer Epic Pew’s list “11 Amazing Catholic Scientists You Should Know” by Shaun McAfee. This enjoyable list includes scientists such as Copernicus, St. Albert the Great, Georges Lemaître, Gregor Mendel, Nicholas Steno, George V. Coyne, and (my favorite) Stanley L. Jaki. This is all fine and good, and certainly the point that the Church has a long, uniterable involvement in—even intimate relationship with—science needs to be underscored in our culture.

But we are all missing the bigger picture if we give a nod to scientists of the past and stop there, with a bit of scorn directed at Katie Couric. Her comment may have been issued with historical ignorance. (Frankly I grimaced more at the “popener,” i.e. beer bottle opener with the Pope’s face on it, which she removed from under her bra and handed to Colbert announcing that it had not been blessed by the Pope but by her breast. Why is it that mature women think they need to act like schoolgirls rather than ladies?) However, she has a point in noting how “progressive” (forward thinking) it is that the Church wants to understand science.

Read the rest at National Catholic Register.

Note to readers: This is new for me. I am going to be publishing at NCR about once a week. Kind of excited to have a new platform to promote the faith and science dialogue.

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  • Congrads Stacy.

  • richard titone

    I’m upset!.Sort of. A person who spends her life in the media, as the media. for millions of viewers, gives her condescending approval? From her Hollywood throne? I suppose that’s kind of her since we are all just white women haters or naive men from third world countries, or child molesters. What’s left? How about real men and women(and kids) who understand enough of Catholicism to know that the Church birthed science into western civilization. Intelligent men and women(and kids) who are ready to die for the faith(and do). Professional science persons(like myself) who have to deal with major eye rolls on a daily basis.May the Lord be with us and you. Stacy, as you deal with the intolerant.

  • Felix Culpa

    “Progress is the comparative of which we have not yet settled the superlative.” G.K. Chesterton