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“Mommy, Do Aliens Exist?” A Lesson on Thinking With the Church

August 26, AD 2013 11 Comments

Our daughters watched a show about aliens the other day, and it spurred some interesting questions. Instead of brushing the topic aside as make-believe or scientifically unproven, I actually gave them a short lesson on thinking with the Church, much to my surprise.

“Mom, they look so real on T.V. and the people on the show said they saw real aliens. They even showed body parts of dead aliens. They said it was real, so it must be!”

“Well, first, you can’t believe everything you see on T.V. Producers have a goal to get you to watch their programs so they can sell advertising, and sometimes what they say is true is not really true. Remember that film we watched about giraffes high diving into swimming pools, so realistic but computer generated?”

“Oh yeah! So could aliens exist though?”

“God created everything, and if He wanted to create lifeforms on other planets, he could, yes. Maybe aliens do exist; maybe they don’t. When you see shows like that you have to remember that it’s okay to keep an open mind, but also, a single television show cannot prove whether aliens exist or not. You need more information, and you need to carefully form an opinion.”


“Find out what the Church teaches. Be grounded in that because the Church has guarded the search for truth for the entire history of mankind; it guards what God revealed in Scripture, what Christ taught, and what can be known by human reason. Once you know what the Church teaches, then you can build your opinions. The Bible says that angels and demons exist, so we know there are minds without bodies. We know that humans are minds, souls, with human bodies. There could be life forms on other planets too, possibly even with intelligent minds. So at least you know what is conceivable, what is possible. The aliens on T.V. are images people make up in their imagination though.”

In explaining it that way, I was able to introduce the difference in imagination (mental pictures) and conception (abstract consistencies). I was able to show how the Church informs us about what is solidly known, either by Divine Revelation or human reason. I was able to teach how a grounding in truth and logic allows us to form legitimate, ordered opinions instead of absurd, unstructured opinions. This is what it means to think with the Church — even on a subject this far out.


Did you think I’d leave you hanging about the giraffe film? Of course not! A great big thanks to Mr. Max Weismann, philosopher, President, Director and Co-Founder, with Mortimer Adler, of the Center for Study of the Great Ideas, who sent this to me some time ago, much to the delight of our kids who watched it about 34 times, give or take 100.

Hello, and thank you for reading. I am a wife, mother of seven, and joyful convert to Catholicism. I write from my office in a 100-year-old restored Adirondack mountain lodge. Read more about me here, with pictures. Find me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. "Like" my Facebook page Science Was Born of Christianity to follow updates about my book. God bless you!

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  • SmithGreg

    Explanation to your kids: A++
    Giraffe video: A+

    Aliens? I became a Christian by reading CS Lewis’ “Space Trilogy,” and wrapping the idea of unfallen races and our own “silent,” “bent” planet. So, who knows? If they showed up, would it be as missionaries to us?

    But it does strike me that in the post-Christian West, aliens occupy the conceptual space that used to be filled with gods and monsters.

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  • Camille James Harman

    As a former “alien abductee” who was very open about my experiences, I prayed to find answers to the many questions I had about my experiences. My answer came in that I finally discovered many great books written by Christians explaining their theory that aliens are fallen angels. I have to agree now. I was able to stop the attacks through spiritual warfare. There are many other stories like mine, but they are not promoted by the New Age UFO crowd of which I was a part for years. I have come back to the Church and have made it my mission to warn people about the so-called aliens, who are here to lead us away from God with their lies and multiple disguises.

    • Stacy Trasancos

      Really? Wow. Demons appear in the form of aliens? Is that what you mean? Makes sense. I just browsed your website. Yes that’s what you mean! Thank you Camille. I will share this with my children and my friends.

      • Camille James Harman

        Great, thank you! Please look at my Amazon page for the books I referenced. My own book will be out soon.

    • VelikaBuna


      • Camille James Harman

        I agree my photos are not spectacular. But they’re all I have besides my hypnosis tapes. I agree, the whole alien presence is a “strong delusion.” That’s why it’s impossible to prove. However, people like me are experiencing something very real and disturbing. There are enough similarities between our stories to point to an epidemic of affliction by these demons. I agree with you that all athiests believe in aliens. But many abductees believe in God, trust me.

        Here’s something to ponder, most nighttime abductions happen at 3:00 am (or 4:00 am during daylight savings). This is known as the devil’s hour, the inverse of the hour of 3 pm when Christ died on the cross.

        • VelikaBuna

          I don’t believe hypnosis is a reliable way of extracting the truth. I will read your story. For how long were you abducted and did anyone notice you were missing?

          • Camille James Harman

            I agree with you about hypnosis. Nevertheless, the hypnosis sessions were extremely emotional and convincing at the time, however, not to be trusted. I don’t know how long I was abducted, or whether I was actually missing. No one saw me missing (however other abdutees have been witnessed as missing and/or floating in a beam of light). I did have physical evidence in and on my body after my abductions. I was abducted at least three times, it seems. Despite my physical evidence, the abductions may not be physical, they may be a delusion imposed by the demons. I went to a woman who invoked Archangel Michael to intervene and sever any “contracts” I had made. It never happened again. My case is fairly typical. I suggest you read Alien Intrusion or Unholy Communion for more info from Christians on this subject.

  • benedict1

    Stacy: It’s a pity you can’t teach this sort of logical reasoning capability to the American ‘elite’ class today; they need some serious grounding in what can be, or might be, not what they want us to be. But more importantly, I am always struck by your ability to see the profound and teach it to your kids from observation of the little incidents that occur around you everyday. A rare talent that I have tried to cultivate myself. But being old and a bit ossified between the ears, I often don’t get the lesson unless God whacks me alongside the head.

  • Stephen

    Aliens are obviously more likely to exist than God, since aliens are just another “Us” whereas God has superpowers and the ability to be everywhere at the same time.