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Richard Dawkins is So Far Out

June 25, AD 2013 24 Comments

I keep coming back to St. Thomas Aquinas’ explanation about how awkward things can happen without faith, but even he could not have seen this one coming. The first half is talk about evolution and memes, but you’ll probably want to skip right to 4:55 for the fun.

Kudos to Richard for the viral video.


Or as they put it…

“Watch this video beginning to end, but be warned: after you finish it, you’ll receive a phone call from a mysterious person telling you that in seven days, Richard Dawkins will crawl out of your television and turn you into an atheist.” -Rebecca Watson, Skepchik

“The Floating Head of Richard Dawkins Will Soon Be in Your Nightmares.” -Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Atheist

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  • Simon Hill

    Oh dear. Final proof that drug use leads to atheism. Poor man desperately trying to get down with the cool kids. Did he say “it just automatically happens”? Sounds like a ummm… leap of faith their Ricky. Bless his cotton socks.

  • Melinda

    How creepy. Does he think this performance will somehow convince people to abandon all hope in a supernatural God? Only if he can convince us that it’s more important to be cool and look smart to the world. Believing is not about being cool; it’s much deeper and simpler than that.

    • Suzy Malavasic

      I think people do not recognize Richard Dawkins… He is actually a Sociologist who I believe is a convert to Catholicism. He has written much about the Early Christian Church emerging victorious over the pagan Roman Empire and why. I may be wrong, but I believe that the entire video was intended to be a spoof on Darwinian evolution, It actually speaks to the design of God’s Creation, sprung from the Memes of all Memes!!!

    • Suzy Malavasic

      Okay… I am totally wrong… The man’s name is Christopher Dawkins…Also English… but an older man than this Richard Dawkins. Thus, I think everything I posted earlier is absolutely WRONG!!! Forgive me.

      • JC

        *Dawson (historian)

        • Suzy Malavasic

          Thank you… I was always terrible with names. This experience ‘oughta’ teach me to shut-up unless I have it right.

          • Stacy Trasancos

            Oh no! Don’t shut up. We all do that. I was kind of grinning at the idea that Dawkins had converted though. LOL!

          • Suzy Malavasic

            Thank you. Realistically, it takes a lot to get this opinionated woman to really shut-up.

          • Stacy Trasancos

            Then you are my sister! :-D

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  • William Meyer

    One of the things I find curious about many atheists is that despite their protests, they are so clearly committed to an belief in their contentions which admits of no proof. They demonstrate a faith, but rationalize endlessly to “prove” that it is rational. However, the more I hear these arguments, the more irrational they sound.

  • benedict1

    Nothing new here, same eerie visions Timothy Leery saw on his LSD rants 40 years ago. They will go to any lengths to erase God, He is so inconvenient, because He constantly reminds them with the little voice in their heads how sick they really are, how far they have strayed from anything moral and decent. Read Edwin Feser’s “The Last Superstition” if you need a solid framework to destroy atheism. Or just walk calmly to your bookshelf and re-read St. Thomas Aquinas.

  • Justin Veazey

    Look at them yo-yo’s, that’s the way you do it, get your money for nothing and your hedgehogs for free…

  • Fr. Daniel

    I hope nobody paid money to watch that…

  • JFX Pals

    LOLOLLL!!!!!! What the…He’s a off his rocker!!!

  • Suzy Malavasic

    As I watched the video… which was brilliant… Ii couldn’t stop imaging Darwin floating through the arena of color and sound/// How much of Darwin’s theory is pure memes? It always puzzled me that a man in his 20s could publish a scientific theory in 1832 and over 180 years later the scientific community allows it to stand in its fullness, unchallenged… or unmodified. Why is our creative mind so dulled when it comes to evolving the theory of evolution of the species???

  • ponerology

    Methinks an “ancestral bacterium” crawled up Dawkins’ posterior all the way into his mutated brain.

    • Athanasius De Angelus

      A new book just came out – “Darwin’s Doubt” check it out!

      “It’s hard for us paleontologists to admit that neo-Darwinian explanations for the Cambrian explosion have failed miserably….Meyer describes the dimensions of the problem with clarity and precision. His book is a game changer.” (—Dr. Mark Menamin, paleontologist at Mt. Holyoke College and coauthor of The Emergence of Animals)

  • Cristina Ortiz

    Thank God he’d rather spread memes than genes. These are some messed up genes. Best kept to himself.

  • kendallpeak

    Guy’s a nut.

  • The_Monk

    It was lovely of the poor dear to leave video proof that he has no capability for thought or communication….

  • Howard

    So, I am just the result of eeny memey miny moe!

  • Lisa Ann Homic

    Sorry, he just didn’t hold my interest. his voice put me to sleep.

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