Jennifer Fulwiler Talking With Me About Kolbe Academy!

May 24, AD 2016 2 Comments

Jen and Kolbe Show

Jen is just awesome. I could talk to her all day long. Hopefully someday I can convince her to love chemistry while we sip wine together. For now, we are talking education of the children! Here is the link to her website. Her radio show is on Sirius XM, The Catholic Channel. Here is the link to Kolbe Academy. That picture is a snap of my live Chemistry-Section 2 class at Kolbe. The interview was during their class time (this is our last week), so they joined (indirectly) on my computer, listening in to my half of the conversation. (The student names are removed for privacy.) Here is the full audio.

“…once again Catholics are the pioneers.” —Jennifer Fulwiler

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  • Jennifer Hartline

    You Rock! And I love Kolbe!

  • Great interview.